Discover a World of Thrilling Outdoor Activities in Lonely Planet's Atlas of Adventure

As an outdoor practitioner, adventure is in my blood and I always make it a point to do something adventurous whenever I venture overseas. From paramotoring in Hua Hin to jet skiing in Batam, I am always hungry for some sort of adventure whenever I travel.

2 months ago, Lonely Planet launched a very interesting book titled, "Atlas of Adventure" and it is an action-packed showcase of the best outdoor experiences in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Atlas of Adventure.jpg

Featuring inspiring photography, maps, interviews, and expert authors, it’s the ultimate introduction to a thrilling new world of adventure.

From “a dizzying dose of precipitous adventure pursuits” in Bhutan, to “trekking, biking and rafting on the roof of the world” in Nepal, “a royal paradise for ramblers, runners, riders and climbers” in Thailand to “untamed rivers, colossal mountains and mystical caves in Malaysia – this is just the tip of the iceberg with many other countries featured including: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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Lonely Planet has painstakingly tracked down their most adventure-loving experts, wherever they happened to be, and asked them to share their tips for the best places to experience thrilling outdoor activities.

The result?

An alphabetically ordered romp around the globe, highlighting the best outdoor pursuits you can enjoy in each country!

Whether it's climbing in Laos, mountain biking in America and sailing along the south coast of Britain; Lonely Planet have included everywhere it’s currently feasible to set your intrepid foot. 

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Don’t just walk on the wild side, BUT climb, ski, mountain bike, canoe, surf and even skydive with Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure.

If you have considered exploring the less trafficked corners of popular spots and venturing to far-flung places you may never have previously considered visiting; this book is definitely for you!

A perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiasts, get your copy of Lonely Planet’s Atlas of Adventure here!