[Something To Do This March]- Visit The i Light Marina Bay 2014, Asia’s Only Sustainable Light Art Festival

From today till 30 March 2014, be enthralled when you visit i Light Marina Bay 2014, Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting, and as well as an international line-up of creative talents. The festival this year will feature more than 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world that will transform the Marina Bay into a magical space of light and colour for an unparalleled experience.

A photo of Happy Croco, a light art installation by Bibi from France.

The curatorial team for i Light Marina Bay 2014 has introduced the theme of Light+HeART to convey the message that in the heart of sustainability matters is the matter of the heart. Hence, one of the aims of i Light Marina Bay 2014 is to inspire a collective change in the attitude and a widening of perspectives towards issues relating to sustainability amongst individuals like you and I.

If you are planning a family and friends gathering this weekend and you are heading down to the Marina Bay to check out the i Light Marina Bay 2014, here are 5 exhibits that you should not miss!

Name Of Exhibit: iSwarm

Created By: Professor Thomas Schroepfer and Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, together with their team from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Location Of Exhibit: In Marina Bay, near Bayfront Water Taxi Stop.

About The Exhibit: iSwarm is a swarm of luminous “sea creatures” that interact with passers-by. Subtle and hardly visible by day, iSwarm comes alive at night. As daylight fades, the cells of iSwarm illuminate the waters of Marina Bay with fluorescent light reminiscent of natural phenomena such as bioluminescent algae or the Aurora Borealis. iSwarm reacts to groups of visitors by detecting human presence and greeting them with subtle modulation of its light patterns.

Name Of Exhibit: Mimosa

Created By: Jason Burges Studio

Location Of Exhibit: Marina Bay City Gallery

About The Exhibit: Mimosa is an interactive artwork, displaying behaviour that mimics responsive plant systems. The piece was inspired by the Mimosa family of plants, which change kinetically to suit their environmental conditions. The studio used the slim form of individual organic light-emitting diodes [OLED] to represent the delicate light petals of flowers, which appear to dance with its petals opening and closing in response to visitors’ hand movements. This installation presents a perfect combination of art and technology, where the most innovative lighting technology, OLED, is integrated into a dynamic installation that reacts to people’s hand motions, forming a magical experience.

Name Of Exhibit: #WeHeartLight

Created By: Light Collective from United Kingdom

Location Of Exhibit: Marina Bay City Gallery

About The Exhibit: Making light is open to everybody and Light Collective demonstrates this by teaching about 200 locals to each make a simple light box, personalised with images and text, with red as the predominant colour for half of these boxes. When assembled together, the light boxes make up the installation, #WeHeartLight. Light Collective worked closely with students from different schools in Singapore to build the first installation for I Light Marina Bay that is made and inspired entirely by the people who live in Singapore. This installation is created through a series of workshops where students play an important role in the making and design of the artwork. The process of constructing this installation helps to emphasise the role of education in guiding our future generation towards a more sustainable future.

Name Of Exhibit: CLOUD

Created By: Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garrett from Canada

Location Of Exhibit: The Float @ Marina Bay

About The Exhibit: CLOUD illuminates the curatorial themes of i Light Marina Bay 2014 on a number of levels. As the sculpture is created from both new and recycled materials, combining the aesthetic of incandescent light bulbs with the brilliance of energy-efficient bulbs, CLOUD creates a playful commentary about the changing face of sustainability. While the piece is bright and attractive to audiences, the internal contrast of old and new light technologies provides a critical dialogue about energy, sources of light, and sustainable progress. By pulling on a switch, the viewer is able to trigger a quantifiable shift within the greater aesthetic of CLOUD, visually highlighting the power of an individual’s ability to impact progress and achieve significant change. However, the real magic happens when multiple viewers work as a community towards a unified shift.

Name Of Exhibit: The Pool

Created By: Jen Lewin Studio from United States of America

Location Of Exhibit: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, Near The Promontory @ Marina Bay

About The Exhibit: The Pool is a group of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. By entering The Pool, visitors enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and colour. Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively. This installation is best enjoyed and is most beautiful when a group of people play with the different pads together.

Apart from viewing the exhibits, you can also enjoy a full array of complementary events, public performances, and fun activities that have been lined up over the four weekends.

To discover more about the dazzling art installation around the Marina Bay, you can sign up for the Free Guided Tours that will take place every Friday to Sunday at 7:30pm, 8:30pm, and 9:30pm. There are two routes to choose from and each covers a different set of artworks. Registration closes a day before on i Light Marina Bay 2014 Festival Website or 30 minutes before the commencement of a tour.

And if walking isn’t your cup of tea, you can participate in the Boat Tour that will take place every Friday to Sunday from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. The cost is SGD$12 per person per tour and the boat departs every 30 minutes.

In Summary

What: i Light Marina Bay 2014

When: 7th to 30th March 2014, 1930 to 2300 hours

Where: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

How: Narest MRT Stations are Downtown, Raffles Place, City Hall, Esplanade, Promenade, Marina Bay, and Bayfront

Tip: Dress as comfortably as you can and bring your own snacks and water. One round around the Marina Bay is about 3.5KM and it will probably take you about 1.5 hour to complete viewing the entire exhibits at i Light Marina Bay 2014.

Admission is FREE!

If you need more information about i Light Marina Bay 2014 and the various complementary workshops and activities that you can take part in, do visit i Light Marina Bay 2014 Official Website.

Let the i Light Marina Bay 2014 inspire you and light up your life so that you too can take action and make a difference in your own ways to create a sustainable environment for the future.