Saizeriya @ Hougang 1

A few months ago, Baby and I went to try the Italian Cuisine at Saizeriya @ Hougang 1 and the dining experience was superb. It was our first time dining there and we will definitely be back to try their other dishes. Although you might find our review of their food slightly on the negative side, we really would dine there again to try their other dishes because they might have other dishes that are probably better than what we had. Also, what we really like about Saizeriya is that all their food prices are in nett pricing.

From Saizeriya 2013

Here are the food dishes that we had when we dined there [pictures are all taken with the iPhone4GS Camera]:

Special Mushroom Soup [SGD$2.90]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: To be really honest, we're not exactly sure why they named the dish as "Special Mushroom Soup" but personally, we didn't find the soup any special at all. It tasted rather ordinary and the only extraordinary thing about the Special Mushroom Soup was probably the rather generous portion of garnishes.

Spicy Chicken Wings [SGD$3.95]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: The Spicy Chicken Wings were of the right texture but they were also rather oily. Since 4 pieces of chicken wings cost SGD$3.95, each piece would cost approximately SGD$0.98 and it sure is value for money.

Cheese Chicken Sausage [SGD$3.90]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: The portion of the dish is huge and the sausages were quite cheesy. However, the presentation of the dish was barely presentable and looks rather plain. It would be good if they added some pieces of broccoli as garnishes.

Pineapple and Bacon Pizza [SGD$6.40]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: Out of all the dishes that we had for the night, this has got to be our least favourite. Although it looks more appetising than the Cheese Chicken Sausages or the Spicy Chicken Wings, the Pineapple and Bacon Pizza was way too oily [because of the oil from the bacon] for our liking. Even the taste of the Pineapple and Bacon Pizza reeks of bacon oil.

Seafood Spaghetti [SGD$7.90]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: Given the generous portion of seafood, the price for this dish is rather reasonable. With that being said, the sauce for the spaghetti was flavourful but could be better. The texture of the spaghetti was firm to the bite and we like it very much.

Chocolate Lava [SGD$5.90]

From Saizeriya 2013

Our Review of the Dish: This has got to be our most favourite dish for the night. Because the Chocolate Lava cake was served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, we felt that the price was rather reasonable. The Chocolate Lava cake was served at the right temperature and we like seeing how the chocolate oozed out when we sliced the cake.

Dining Ambience: The dining ambience at Saizeriya was cosy but we felt that the temperature could be a little more cooler. The restaurant is usually packed with people during dinner time and we highly recommend that you make a trip down early.

One other thing that we like about Saizeriya is the free flow of soft drinks that cost only SGD$2.80

In total, we spent SGD$33.75 and it works out to be about SGD$16.88 per person. Saizeriya is definitely value for money and we will definitely head back to try their other food dishes.

From Saizeriya 2013

Service Level: The service staffs were generally polite and courteous; though getting their attention might require some effort. Other than that, we pretty much enjoyed the dining experience.

If you're interested in dining at Saizeriya but you don't reside in Hougang, fret not because they have other outlets at City Square Mall, Toa Payoh Central, Liang Court, and Bukit Timah Plaza. Their daily operating hours are from 11am to 11pm daily and they offer takeaways too.

In our next blog entry, we will be announcing the winners for the most recent Blog Giveaway that we organised.

Stay tuned! :)