Taang Shifu Restaurant [First Visit in 2013]

We have been to Taang Shifu Restaurant quite a couple of times and it is a restaurant that we frequently dine at [for dinner] whenever we go to KSL City Mall in Johor Bahru. Well, during our recent visit to Johor Bahru, we went to Taang Shifu Restaurant for dinner and to our surprise, their entire menu has changed and some of the old dishes that we usually ordered were no longer available on the menu. Since we had quite a couple of positive experiences dining there, we decided to give their new menu a try.

Here are the dishes that we ordered for dinner:

1. Stewed Pork Rice with Brown Rice

From Taang Shifu 2013

Our Review of the Dish: The texture of the brown rice was acceptable but the entire dish lacked the flavour. The stewed pork was rather dry and the portion was rather small.

2. Dry Vermicelli with Sliced Abalone and Shitake Mushroom

From Taang Shifu 2013

Our Review of the Dish: To our amazement, this dish is exactly the opposite of the Stewed Pork with Brown Rice. The portion is really huge and the vermicelli is of the right texture, flavour, and taste. However, it would be good if they have added in other ingredients that would probably enhance the presentation and nutritional value of the dish.

3. Stir-Fried Broccoli with Sliced Abalone, Scallops, and Red Dates

From Taang Shifu 2013

Our Review of the Dish: The texture of the broccoli was rather hard and some of them were quite raw tasting. The presentation of the dish was generally alright.

4. Smoked Duck Meat with Jellyfish

From Taang Shifu 2013

Our Review of the Dish: The texture of the duck meat was alright and easy to chew. Also, the duck meat was rather flavourful. However, because of the fats present in the duck meat, there was literally oil all over the serving dish and the presentation could do with some improvements.

For Beverage, we ordered our usual Luo Han Guo with Longan and Sea Coconut.

From Taang Shifu 2013

Our Review of the Beverage: The taste is still the same and we still love it just the way it is. We highly recommend this drink if you're looking for something that is sweet-tasting and will quench your thirst.

Our Overall Dining Experience: To be really honest, the level of service standard has dropped quite a fair bit and we were quite disappointed because our previous experiences were rather positive. With the new menu, we felt that there wasn't much variety and furthermore, the prices of the dishes have gone up quite a bit too. The dining atmosphere was literally cold because of the air-conditioning and it was rather uncomfortable. On the whole, we spent about SGD $35 and we really hope that the management would consider a review of their new menu. By the way, Taang Shifu has a new outlet at City Square Shopping Mall so you can try dining there instead of making a trip all the way down to KSL City Mall.

Here's the link to our review of Taang Shifu that we previously wrote about: http://awinsomelife.org/2012/07/17/taang-shifu-ksl-city/

On a separate note, we went to Kim Hair Studio at KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru for a haircut [since Chinese New Year is 14 days away] and I must say, it was a rather positive experience. Here's a before-haircut photo of me.

From Taang Shifu 2013

And here's a after-haircut photo of me!

From Taang Shifu 2013

It's quite a transformation and I really love my haircut! Looks like I have found a new permanent place to have my haircut! And well, I also bought a Kerastase Hair Shampoo and a Loreal Tecnic Hair Clay from the Salon at a price of SGD $32 and SGD $20.50 respectively. And oh, my haircut cost SGD $27 only. Pretty worth it! :)

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!