Updates from A Winsome Life

Hello Everyone, it is the time of the year again where we offer you some performance updates of A Winsome Life and how we have been faring thus far.

Major Exclusive Events That We Were Invited to Attend and Cover Till Date: 12

McDonald's Hello Kitty Launch, 2012 Golden Village Jurong Point Re-Opening [Featuring Marvel's The Avengers Movie], 2012 Greenwich Bloggers' Amazing Race, 2012 Crocs Fashion Show, 2012 Hawker Kings' Campaign at Food Republic @ 112 Katong, 2012 Evening Dinner/Cocktail Party At Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore Hotel, 2012 21 Jump Street Movie Invite, 2012 John Carter Movie Invite, 2012 The Lorax Movie Invite, 2012 Contraband Movie Invite, 2012 Real Steel Movie Invite, 2011 Blackberry Bold and Beautiful Event at Zouk, 2011

Major Public Events That We Attended and Cover Till Date: 10

Mosaic Music Festival at Esplanade, 2012 Wine Classics, A Wine Fair at Plaza Singapura, 2012 iLight Festival at Marina Bay, 2012 Career Fair 2012 at Suntec City Singapore, 2012 Bugis Street Art Project at Bugis Junction, 2012 F1 Race at Marina Bay Grandstand, 2011 COMEX at Suntec City Singapore, 2011 Voyage Night Festival at National Museum of Singapore, 2011 Night Lights Festival at Singapore Arts Museum, 2011 Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention, 2011

The above-mentioned events are all above and beyond our other normal movie reviews, restaurant reviews, and many other topics.

Since our inception in December 2011, we have had a total of 19,882 views so far and yes, we are definitely going to cross the 20,000 mark soon. The most number of views we had on 1 day is 1,007. Our average views per day currently stands at 128 and we are expecting the numbers to grow as the year goes by.

Well, what does all these facts and figures got to do with you?

If you have a product/event offering and you are looking for avenues to advertise your product/event, engaging bloggers like us can be a fantastic and terrific idea because the costs are relatively low as compared to traditional advertisement medias like your newspapers, radio, sms-es, magazines, televisions and etc. A simple advertisement on the local Straits Times can easily cost you a few thousand dollars while an online advertorial can easily cost you $2,000 per article per week.

So.. what are our advertising or marketing rates?

As of now, we are not charging a single cent for writing reviews, advertorials, and covers. For food reviews, we expect dining expenses to be covered. For movie and concert reviews, we expect to have complimentary seats. For covers on exhibitions that are arts-related [music, art, theatre and etc.] and events such as product launches and roadshows, we expect to have priority access. For product [health, electronics, clothing and etc.] and service reviews, we expect to have product trials and demonstrations.

Hence as you can see for yourself, it really doesn't cost a great deal just to have an article published on our blog. However, we do have some precautions for you though; as we are an objective blog site, we are brutally honest with what we publish on our blog. This not only gives our readers/viewers a rather credible point of view from the consumers' perspective but it would also allow for constructive feedback to be given by our readers/viewers so that you can improve your product and service offerings.

Some Information About A Winsome Life:

A Winsome Life is a lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle topics such as food, movies, finance, photography and many more!

About Melvin Lee:

Melvin Lee graduated from Shatec Institutes with a Diploma in Hotel Management and was the top student for the July 2007 Cohort. He enjoys serving the community, playing the guitar and drums, and is always on the move to check out the latest happenings in the local scene. Melvin also contributes to A Winsome Life as the main contributing blogger and he is never too tired to pen down his thoughts and opinions on wide-ranging topics. Currently, Melvin is pursuing his Honours in Marketing Management with Northumbria University, United Kingdom.

About Jacqueline Teo:

Jacqueline Teo completed her tertiary studies in the engineering field in 2008 and have been working in many MNCs ever since. She enjoys serving the community, checking out the latest fashion, and is always full of fresh ideas to bring about a transformation for A Winsome Life. Because of her love for photography, Jacqueline contributes to A Winsome Life as the main photographer. Currently, Jacqueline is working for C.A Technologies, an IT management software and solutions company with a deep expertise across all IT environments—from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud.