Nando's Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

Hello Everyone, Baby and I recently dined at Nando's Chicken @ Plaza Singapura and for those of you whom haven't tried Nando's yet. You just gotta try it!

The Service Experience:

As there was no queue, we were promptly attended by the service staffs and upon entering, the service staffs greeted us "Welcome" in another language [probably in African since Nando's originated there]. However, the greeting weren't as enthusiastic and welcoming like the experience which we've had at Manhattan Fish Market @ Plaza Singapura. They probably tried to copy their concept but it just didn't worked out. Having been shown to our seats, the service staff presented the menu to us and the rest was standard operating procedure [S.O.P].

I kinda like their condiments set and the way they present it. Not only that, it kept us occupied while waiting for our meals to be served as we logged onto their Facebook Page to see what they have on offer.

From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

By the way, they don't only serve chicken.

From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

Baby's 1st time dining at Nando's and she just can't wait to order and try their food!

From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura
From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

As you can see from the above picture, Nando's recently launched their new dish, the Cataplana. Well, we have yet to try that but we perhaps might give it a shot the next time we dine at Nando's.

The Food Experience:

Baby ordered the Espetada [which is something like a chicken kebab] with Colesaw and Mediterranean Rice as sides while I ordered the 1/4 Chicken with Peri Chips and Peri Corn as sides. While the concept is quite similar to Aston's where you can choose the sides from a variety of choices, what is really special about Nando's is that you get to choose the level of spicy-ness you want the sauce to be on your Chicken. Baby chose the Mild Peri-Peri flavour [which the service staff recommended for beginners] while I went for the Hot Peri-Peri flavour.

Baby's order. The Mediterranean Rice was very flavourful and we both liked it alot! It is really different and unique in taste. The colesaw was also pretty appetising and the chicken kebab was grilled to perfection. The meal portion size is also perfect for a lady [not for guys though, since we're big eaters].

From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

My order. I like their Peri Chips and Peri Corn because the seasoning powder just made it really tasty and flavourful. However, I personally felt that the Peri Corn was quite small in portion and the corn wasn't sweet enough. The 1/4 Chicken was grilled to perfection and coupled with the Hot Peri-Peri sauce, it just made everything tasted so heavenly with its aroma. And just in case you're wondering if the Peri-Peri sauce is that spicy, well it's not! You just need a while to get used to the spicy-ness and thereafter, you will find yourself pouring more sauce.

From Nandos Chicken @ Plaza Singapura

The Verdict:

Yes, we strongly recommend you to try Nando's Chicken! Though the service could use some improvement, the quality of the food kinda made up for the shortfall in service. If the service could have been better, I think it would have been quite an extremely positive dining experience. Oh, but one thing is this, the pricing is slightly above-average for the average diner [meaning to say, its quite pricey as compared to Aston's or even Manhattan Fish Market]. So I guess while we might dine at Nando's again, we would probably only do so like once every 3 months.

Some Additional Information:

I personally liked the way Nando's markets itself. In fact, I found their Facebook Page to be rather interactive and even their website is quite cool as well! From time to time, they even have contests and exciting promotions going on so do check out the links and see what they have to offer to you.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God bless!