About A Winsome Life


It all started when...

I was having a casual meal at Wen Dou Sek ( a Dim Sum place @ 126 Sims Avenue) in 2011 and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could share about this place with other people so that they too can come and experience the handmade Dim Sum here?"

Since that fateful day, I started A Winsome Life to document my personal thoughts and opinions about the places that I have been to, the restaurants that I have dined at, and the valuable lessons that life has taught me over the years.

A hotelier, marketer, and educator by training, I strongly believe that knowledge is power and power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it; hence, it is my every desire to share my knowledge that A Winsome Life came about.

Why A Winsome life...?

The definition of ,"Winsome" is cheerful, pleasant, and appealing and like everyone else, I want a cheerful, pleasant and appealing life! Not only that, I want to help people lead A Winsome Life!