About A Winsome Life


It all started when...

I was having a casual meal at Wen Dou Sek ( a Dim Sum place @ 126 Sims Avenue) in 2011 and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could share about this place with other people so that they too can come and experience the handmade Dim Sum here?"

Since that fateful day, I started A Winsome Life to document my personal thoughts and opinions about the places that I have been to, the restaurants that I have dined at, and the valuable lessons that life has taught me over the years.

A hotelier, marketer, and educator by training, I strongly believe that knowledge is power and power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it; hence, it is my every desire to share my knowledge that A Winsome Life came about.

Why A Winsome life...?

A: One

Winsome: Cheerful | Pleasant | Appealing

Life: a way of living

We only have got one life to live. Sure there will be ups and downs but instead of wallowing in the valley, how about soaring to the mountain by counting your blessings daily and staying winsome?

Start having A Winsome Life today!